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Improve Recovery Time with Effective Tooth Extraction Planning

Are you scheduled for an upcoming tooth extraction? If so, are you prepared for the challenges that may await, including resting heavily and ensuring your mouth can effectively heal properly?
Improve recovery time with effective tooth extraction planning. Listed below are some common tips to help you:

-Always set up a plan for recovery before and after surgery.
-Set aside ice packs to help with inflammation.
-Quit any bad habits you have, such as smoking, at least 48 hours before and after surgery.
-Avoid heavy exercise and other labor-intensive activities.
-Always follow the instructions of your dentist. This includes taking medications as prescribed in the proper dosage amounts.
-If something seems abnormal or irregular, don’t try to fight through it, but instead speak with your dentist.
-Anesthesia is a huge choking hazard. Never eat or drink food until the anesthesia has totally worn off.
-Be careful of the foods you eat after your surgery has concluded, as some foods can easily cut your mouth open once again.

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