What Is a Dental Exam?
A dental check-up is one of the most important steps in keeping your smile pain free and in good working order and optimum health. Most of our patients will visit us every six months for their regular dental cleaning and exam, though we may recommend more frequent check-ups if you are at high risk for conditions such as oral cancer or gum disease — we will know more after your exam.

During Your Dental Check-Up, We Will:

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  • Examine your teeth, checking for visible signs of tooth decay, fractures, chipping and wear
  • Examine your existing dental restorations to check for needed repairs or maintenance
  • Check your gums for signs of gum disease (periodontal disease)
  • Assess your bite to check the occlusion (alignment)
  • Perform an oral cancer head and neck screening
  • Evaluate your TMJ (jaw) function
  • Discuss any concerns or questions

NOTE: In order to provide a complete examination, diagnose dental issues and provide treatment recommendations, we will need to evaluate current X-rays to see into areas not visible to the naked eye, such as below your gum line and inside and between your teeth. We use digital radiography (90% less radiation) in our office.
Following your dental exam Dr. Devin Fisher and Dr. Zachary Bergevin will report their findings, and if treatment is recommended, they will provide you with a written treatment plan.

For more information or to schedule your next check-up, we welcome your call at 360-876-0445 or visit to Fisher Distinctive Dentistry in Port Orchard, Washington, where Dr. Devin Fisher and Dr. Zack Bergevin look forward to helping you maintain a healthy smile!