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Brushing teeth is the basics of mouth care, but there is more you should be doing for total mouth health. Let’s look at some more habits your teeth and gums need you to develop.

Flossing: The once-a-day companion to brushing, this oral hygiene habit can be difficult for some people to adhere to. However, it is vital to your dental health! Use a single filament floss that has the ADA Seal of Acceptance on the packaging to prevent fraying and splitting. Use a gentle back-and-forth sawing motion, as this will remove food and plaque without damaging your gums. If flossing is hard for you, talk with Dr. Fisher and Dr. Bergevin about interdental cleaning alternatives. These could include water flossing, a pre-strung flosser, or floss for sensitive gums.

Mouthwash: Adding a therapeutic mouthwash to the daily oral health routine can be helpful for some people. Be very aware differences in categories of mouthwashes. Cosmetic mouthwashes simply freshen breath temporarily. Therapeutic mouthwashes, however, clean your mouth, freshen breath, and contribute to oral health by fighting cavities and plaque, whitening teeth, or other specific purposes. If you need to avoid alcohol, read labels carefully, as many types of mouthwash contain alcohol. Never give mouthwash to children under 6 years old.

Visit Your Dentist: Regular dental visits are an integral part of your overall dental health. Dental visits catch any problems early, to avoid any dental emergencies as much as possible. Professional cleanings are also important to your oral hygiene. If you are in the Port Orchard, WA, area, call Fisher Distinctive Dentistry at 360-876-0445 to set up your biannual appointment today!