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The world may not yet have flying cars in every driveway, but it does have something everyone has truly waited for: same-day dental crowns. Thanks to the CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) and the master craftsmanship of our skilled dentists at Fisher Distinctive Dentistry, the ideal future of our imagination has arrived! No more waiting and agonizing for weeks for your crown to be crafted. Now, CEREC can be ready the same day you need it. CEREC is not ideal for all crown restorations and are primarily used for back teeth. Some added benefits of CEREC crowns are:

Same-Day Crowns:
can be made and placed in a single visit

Metal Free: the crowns are made out of 100% biocompatible ceramic material, thus eliminating the need for any metals

Inlay/Onlay Fillings: the material used to make CEREC crowns can also be used for fillings

– No Temporary Crown Needed:
the custom-designed CEREC crown is the only one that will be placed on your tooth

Long Life: CEREC Crowns have the potential lifespan of decades if properly cared for

Accuracy: because our dentists scan the final preparation for the crown with the CEREC camera the final crown design is checked and double checked, both visually and electronically, so that its fit is as perfectly as possible

You may have to keep waiting for your genie in a bottle to get the other two wishes, but make the call today, and a CEREC same-day crown can be yours. To set up an appointment, you can stop by our office in Port Orchard, Washington, or call us at 360-876-0445. The future is here, come greet it with a smile!