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A dental sealant is a tooth restoration treatment designed to protect your teeth from future damage by applying a special coating to your teeth that acts as a secondary level of protection over your natural tooth enamel. Dental sealants use special gels to apply the coating to your teeth, which is activated by specialized light sources to harden.

Dental sealants are wonderful treatments to protect teeth from tooth decay and cavities. According to many studies on the effectiveness of dental sealants, a person can lower their risk for tooth decay with dental sealants by as much as 80%. Sealants protect your teeth against harmful acids and can even last over a decade before they may need to be repaired or reapplied.

Dental sealants are also highly effective in children. Children are typically at the highest risk for cavities due to the abundance of sugars they are routinely subjected to. Sealants can even be used on children as young as 6, or whenever their first molars grow in. According to the CDC, also known as the Center for Disease Control, children with sealants on their molars are 3 times less likely to develop cavities.

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