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Many people tend to ignore a toothache until it becomes unbearable and their visits to the dentist are then always associated with a negative, painful experience. Toothaches typically dont go away without professional help and only become more painful and more expensive to treat the longer you wait.

You have several different nerves that run through your mouth and cause irritation if damaged. You could experience discomfort that fades almost immediately if you bite into something hot or cold or intense lingering pain, depending on the nature of the damage. You could also have an infection causing swelling or an abscess that looks like a pimple on your gum. These issues wont heal naturally because your teeth are closed retainers with restricted blood supply.

How do you address a toothache before you can get to your dentist? Unless you have an allergy, you could consider using aspirinbut please avoid putting the aspirin directly on your tooth as doing so could actually damage your gums. Garlic and onions also have antibiotic properties, and might offer some relief. You could also consider placing clove oil on a cotton swab and placing the swab on your teeth. Warm salt water could also relieve your discomfort. With regular check-ups we could help you avoid toothaches and negative or painful dental appointments.

If you are currently experience a toothaches give our friendly office team a call right away so that we can see you as soon as possible we dont want your toothache to progress any further. If you simply want to schedule your regular check-up so we can catch those small problems before they blow-up and become painful, were here for you too, just give us a call at 360-876-0445. We look forward to meeting you.