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How you feel about the appearance of your smile can affect the impressions you make when smiling and speaking. In fact, many patients choose to see the dentist to receive teeth whitening so that they can have the smile they want. If you have had your teeth whitened, we are happy to offer some tips on what to do and what to avoid to maintain your teeth whitening results.

Unfortunately, the results of a whitening procedure may not last as long if your smile doesn’t receive proper care, and you could find yourself with a dull or discolored smile again. Dr. Devin Fisher, Dr. Zachary Bergevin and our team can help you avoid this by instructing you on what to avoid and how to protect your teeth.

We encourage you to carefully consider the foods and drinks that you consume because some of these can cause staining that disrupts your teeth whitening treatment. In general, avoid a food or drink that has the ability to stain a cloth because it can also transfer stains to your teeth. Limit your intake of cherries, blueberries and hard candies, and if you do eat them, remember to clean your teeth after thirty minutes.

Similarly, certain drinks such as coffee, tea, cola and citrus drinks and red wine can result in tooth stains. Consume these drinks with a straw when you do enjoy them so that the limited contact with your teeth can reduce the chances of tooth stains. Drink water frequently to remove staining particles and thoroughly rinse your smile.

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