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The quest for the perfect dental floss doesn’t have to be a challenging task because many types of thread can accomplish the task of a clean smile. If the thread can hold tight in each round of flossing, it can do its job effectively.

To start, make sure you are using a single filament thread or similar solid thread that cannot shred or rip easily. Start by breaking off a piece about 16-20 inches in length and wrap each end of the floss around one finger on each hand while making sure it is loose enough that you can move up and down the floss thread as required. If you cannot easily floss with standard floss, try switching to an electronic interdental tool such as a water flosser.

Floss gently but efficiently, making sure to clean between all teeth and the teeth in the back row. If you notice signs of bleeding, you are pressing too hard or may be suffering from gum disease. Remember that the goal is efficiency, not speed, and with an ideal amount of effort, you can floss your complete set of teeth in only a few minutes. After you are done flossing, throw the used strand away and begin with a fresh strand for each future session.

Keeping your teeth clean ensures tooth decay and gum disease will not be able to harm you. To schedule your professional cleaning at Fisher Distinctive Dentistry with Dr. Fisher and Dr. Bergevin and our team at our dentist office in Port Orchard, WA, simply give us a call at 360-876-0445. Our dental superheroes are here to help!